• CLIENT: Chicago Trading
  • DESIGNER: Perkins + Will
  • LOCATION: Chicago, IL


Chicago Trading, a dynamic derivatives trading company in Chicago hired Perkins + Will to build out the new headquarters. Seeking a bold and dramatic statement in their interior design, completely custom trading stations were envisioned wherein teams of traders operated within circular trading clusters. To add complexity to the design, multiple tiers of displays were required as were custom enclosures for processing technology and data terminations. Such a design had never before been attempted for such a mission critical environment. The team needed a design and production partner that was up to the challenge.


Drawing on two decades of engineering custom furniture for technology intensive environments, the Innovant STUDIO team began collaborating with the design team from Perkins + Will and the client IT managers. After a comprehensive design review process, virtual mockups were created including all technology embedded into the furniture so cable routes and access could be considered before physical mockups were created. The combination of physical mockup evaluation with live virtual presentations enabled a rapid progression of the design concept to satisfy the IT managers without sacrificing the dynamic design aesthetic demanded by ownership and the designers. Within a few months, fully wired and active pre-production prototypes were in place with cost estimates generated and updated throughout the development process to prevent surprises.


Without a doubt, the client’s final trading floor continues to inspire awe from both employees and visitors alike. Set inside an auditorium-like environment with 18’ ceilings, the curved clusters portray Chicago Trading’s culture of high performance and creativity.

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