• CLIENT: Viacom
  • DESIGNER: Gensler
  • LOCATION: New York, New York


In 2016, media giant Viacom expanded their Times Square global headquarters. Part of this restack/renovation across multiple floors was a new home for their Creative Marketing Strategy team and their Corporate Data team. The CMS team demanded an open and collaborative work environment. The Data team felt more comfortable working at desks with privacy and extra storage. One product had to deliver an adequate solution for both working styles. Additionally, the design team was seeking a mid-century industrial aesthetic that would blend well with the minimalist and raw details of the floors, ceilings and walls.


The client team selected a tailored version of our NIGEL desking bench line for a number of reasons. The classic Parsons Table inspired design of NIGEL immediately resonated with the design team, particularly when finished in stark black and white. The furniture was accented with natural walnut storage elements and custom designed seat cushion fabrics. The overall aesthetic was clean yet fun, and crossed residential with industrial tones. Furthermore, the scaled design features of NIGEL allowed for simple reconfiguration between completely open workspaces and those demanding a bit more privacy, a key performance criteria set out at the beginning of the evaluation.


With all performance and design criteria met, the team was not surprised by the positive staff reception of their new work environment. Viacom has many subsidiary departments and organizations under its umbrella, each with varying viewpoints on what makes for a successful workplace. Innovant had already furnished a subsidiary of Viacom in 2015 to great response, but the design was different and purpose built for that group. With future floors planned for renovation, Innovant will continue to work with the Viacom team to tailor our products to suit each new environment.

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