• CLIENT: Global Media & Entertainment Company
  • DESIGNER: Gensler
  • LOCATION: New York, New York


In 2015, one of the world’s largest media companies partnered with Gensler to review workstation products for their new Hudson Yards NYC headquarters. After a preliminary review of standard benching mockups from the most renowned office furniture manufacturers the client team determined that they needed multiple product solutions. Both linear benching and L-shaped configurations were needed. More importantly, they wanted custom products that could evolve to satisfy their many independent divisions and represent their brand as a global leader in media and entertainment.


Innovant captured Gensler’s design brief and presented what could be achieved from custom a custom approach. The presentation became the benchmark for a shortlist of 3 vendors deemed capable of achieving something close to the concepts. A 15 month design collaboration process with the client team evolved the prototypes until all divisions within the organization felt their constituents needs were met. Innovant’s ability to deliver a fully custom solution that was within budget while demonstrating superior quality and aesthetics ensured our front runner status throughout the evaluation.


The final design was a hybrid of storage elements, height adjustable tables and sophisticated power, data and cable management. A seasoned wood laminate was custom developed for all storage faces. Curved worksurfaces were accentuated by curved fabric privacy panels. A custom raceway for power and data was designed to capture the magnetic, writable glass partitions. Lastly, the height adjustable tables were integrated into the storage and the entire product was elevated atop a platform both for aesthetics and for power and data distribution.

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