Technology Integration Overview

FORm_office sets the industry benchmark for managing and integrating technology into an ever shrinking footprint. It's framework evolved from the world's leading trading desk system in 2010. It delivers unparalleled cabling capacity and access, combined with cutting edge features to house, support and protect the technology we rely on every day.

CPU Support

The FORm_office frame is engineered to accept technology housings that can contain up to 4 CPUs per user (subject to available footprint), while effectively routing heat gains from the technology away from the user. Oversized raceways provide the highest capacity cable management, with enough space to deliver advanced level power and data cabling.

Monitor Support

On FORm_office, monitor arms secure to an accessory mounting beam at the back of each user's work surface. This beam provides surface level mounting of monitor arm brackets for easy installation and relocation of monitors. Additionally, the robust structural design of the beams makes for the strongest attachment in the market, eliminating annoying monitor vibration found in products with lighter weight arm-to-desk attachment designs.

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