NEO Trading Desks

Next-Generation Product

Innovant is proud to introduce our next-generation trading desk, NEO™. Incorporating the unparalleled quality and workmanship of all Innovant products, NEO boasts exceptional technology integration and aesthetics. NEO also offers the critical sustainability and wellness features required in today’s workplace. Bolstered by our trademark excellence in tailoring and our global manufacturing capabilities, NEO is boldly positioned to expand Innovant’s market leadership worldwide.

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Anti-Collision Feature

All of Innovant's adjustable height furniture products come with a sophisticated anti-collision technology called Piezo. Piezo technology senses pressure caused by collisions in both the up and down directions, automatically stops the desk from adjusting and reverses 1" in the opposite direction. This feature is engineered primarily to protect the lifting mechanisms from abuse but also provides a safer operating environment for the user.


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