NEO Trading Desks


Innovant’s Ag Arm is a sophisticated system of VESA-compatible display mounts that integrate into the accessory mounting beam at the back of each work surface. Ag Arm provides easy installation and reconfiguration, stylish aesthetics, post or spring assisted height adjustment, and comes in a variety of lengths to suit any trading desk monitor array.


Multi-Tier & Multi-Screen.

Ag Arm can be configured in two tiers to support as many monitors (up to 30”) as can fit within the desk footprint.


Easy Vertical Modifications.

Ag Arm can be adjusted vertically on support posts and locked into place with a simple lever. Spring-assisted arms add fine-tune positioning of monitors to create a perfectly aligned multi-screen display.


Anti-Collision Configurations.

Developed specifically for deployment in multi-screen environments, Ag Arm eliminates the possibility of collisions with components on adjacent adjustable height desks. Using a combination of variable arm lengths and rotation restrictors, Ag Arm ensures the most effective fit and alignment of monitors within the footprint of each desktop.


Easy Horizontal Modifications.

Ag Arm posts connect to the accessory mounting beam at the back of NEO trading desks. Simple thumb screws allow for rapid installation and lateral repositioning. Speed of installation and relocation is the fastest in the trading desk market and the rigidity of the desk frame prevents monitor vibration.

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