NEO Trading Desks


NEO trading desks can be accessorized with standard and custom features such as desktop power and connectivity, storage, and materials or finishes. For over 25 years, Innovant has delivered the widest range of options at the highest quality by tailoring trading desks to suit clients’ exact requirements.


Desktop Options.

Personal desktop power and high speed USB charging are common on most desktops. Additional connectivity for data, audio and video are available in bespoke configurations.


Infuse NEO with Your Brand Identity.

Clients may introduce signature finishes and materials onto NEO to present an aesthetic consistent with their brand. Unique powder coats, solid core materials, cast polyurethane edge details, colored or etched glass, and specialty veneers or hardwoods are options for infusing a company’s identity into NEO.


Pedestals, Counters & More.

NEO trading desks can be complemented with over 3000 standard storage options. Innovant crafts pedestals, end of run units, printer stations, and community storage elements to meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of the most sophisticated client.


Expand Your Workspace.

Through the use of worktop extensions, clients can expand their space planning options beyond simple linear desking. Return extensions flank the primary work surface and are supported by storage pedestals. Privacy options and clever cable management are available when required.

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