NEO Trading Desks


Health and sustainability are primary components of Innovant’s core philosophy. Our products are not only healthy for the environment, but also for the people that use them. Sustainability and ergonomics remain top of mind throughout product development and production.


Electric Height Adjustment.

Supporting the health and wellness of users, NEO is the latest Innovant product to include personal desktop height adjustment. Through a number of engineering and product innovations, Innovant has enhanced its already successful adjustable height workstations. NEO is equipped with the most sophisticated lifting columns in the world, ensuring safety, durability and reliability.


Built-in Technology.

Uncommon in the adjustable height desk industry, NEO’s lifting columns contain a pressure-activated sensor. This reverses the direction of the desktop when it encounters an obstruction. Invisible to users, the sensor is built directly into the leg and comes standard in every Innovant adjustable height desk.


No Pinch Points.

NEO has been engineered with BIFMA’s recommended clearances around all surfaces, eliminating pinch points for both cabling and users alike. The lifting column’s built-in sensor reacts to any obstruction for maximum protection against damaging collisions.


Control Panel.

The Wellness Switch is another available feature. A discreet LED screen displays how much the desk is being used, tracking the number of minutes standing and total calories burned. Users can also set reminders to move the desktop.


Computer Software.

Users can download the Desk Control™ software to any computer for automated reminders to adjust their desk. The software tracks both users’ time spent standing and their calories burned. The intervals are self-elected, making Desk Control™ a completely personal tool.


Monitor Arms.

Innovant’s comprehensive line of monitor arms seamlessly integrates with NEO trading desks. Ag Arm offers complete user-adjustment and positioning of monitors to create the optimal ergonomic display.


Ergonomic Surfaces.

Sloped edge profiles and soft polyurethane nosing offer maximum trader comfort. These smooth, obstruction-free surfaces generate a superior ergonomic experience.


Maximum Legroom.

Even with an ever-shrinking desk footprint, NEO preserves user comfort. Both the ELEVATE and MODULAR configurations enable extended legroom and toe clearance for traders.


Keeping Traders Cool.

NEO’s unique design traps technology-generated heat and exhausts it away from the traders. This prevents hot spots around the desk that may lead to user discomfort.

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